The MVMNT Group Shifts to WFH

CHICAGO- In what can only be called a new-fashioned move, The MVMNT Group has shifted all employees to work from home through the end of 2020. While office employees across the world have been sent to work from home for the past several months due the COVID-19 outbreak, MVMNT has been uniquely positioned to respond quickly and allow its employees to work from home given its emphasis on a distributed workforce capable of working from anywhere. MVMNT is offering all full-time employees a yearly stipend towards their home office to smooth over the transition.

MVMNT’s WFH program is expected to last through the end of 2020, and it plans to explore flexible options for conferencing and employee off-sites based on the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic. “This decision is protect the health of our employees. That will remain our top priority as we work through the unknowns of the coming months”, said Michael Colin, President & CEO. “Opening our office back up will be our decision. When and if our employees come back to the office before the end of the year will be theirs.”

“Traveling to work before the sun comes up and after it goes down in winter is just as bad as being locked inside all day during a sunny summer day. Now that it’s summer, I’m glad I have the autonomy to be able work from the backyard, or go for a coffee run when I feel like it”, one MVMNT employee stated. “Our team hasn’t missed a beat since we’ve made the switch.”

MVMNT is a tech-enabled freight brokerage dedicated to using advancements in visibility to reduce human error and more accurately track shipments. MVMNT is working to modernize the transportation space and, in doing so, finds itself modernizing the workplace as well. A worldwide shift to working from home is no longer a total “what-if?” – and MVMNT is dedicated to finding creative ways to support the well-being of its team.